“Our Iron Mike…
at the Diagonale des Fous!”

Michael Monsieur (head of the HeX metrology laboratory in Gosselies and Technical Supervisor) nicknamed Iron Mike, together with Sandrine (his wife), set off on a crazy race this Thursday 21 October. It is one of the 10 most difficult trails in the world: La Diagonale des Fous. 

The race starts at 7.20pm and it’s off for 160km and 10,000m of positive altitude difference!

“We’ll be juggling between very hot and humid (tropical atmosphere) and very cold with night-time passages at altitude (close to 0 degrees)” (Mike, before the race)

And, 53 hours of trail running later… THEY DID IT! Technique and effort were at their peak.

Technique, but also pain, especially for Sandrine, who finished this “crazy trail” despite knee tendonitis, two sprains and a probable fracture… a huge achievement.

Congratulations to both athletes!

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on their next “sporting follies”!

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