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New test medical masks

HeX Group completes its testing offering on medical/surgical masks:

Nouvel essai masques médicaux

In addition to the 3 tests of the standard EN 14683 : 2019 + AC : 2019 already performed :

Blood splash resistance tests.

HeX tests your medical masks according to ISO 22609: 2004

This test evaluates the blood splash barrier effect of your medical and surgical masks with a fixed volume of synthetic blood directed at high velocity to the center of the mask.

Choosing HeX is :

Compliance ISO 17025 17020

QUALITY GUARANTEE and ISO 17025-17020 compliant

A testing PACKAGE on the 4 performance criteria

OPTIMIZED TIMELINES: implementation of tests upon receipt of your masks

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE of our specialists

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Acutalité similaire

Acutalité similaire