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HeX Distrib becomes independent!

In order to give you the best possible service and respond to your specific requirements.
The DISTRIB department is becoming an entity in its own right, with a new identity: safyr

Distrib devient Safyr

HeX dédHeX is dedicating a whole organisation to selecting and distributing essential equipment for the activities involved in managing contamination in clean rooms (sensors, instruments, consumables, EMS, data acquisition, etc.).

Safyr will continue to rely on, and thrive, on HeX’s practical experience and expertise to choose the best ranges of products for controlled environments.

What’s new at SAFYR solution

Lyra Distrib devient Safyr


Most of the measuring material and equipment we offer is compatible with a LYRA Software solution developed on the basis of HeX’s expertise.

Safyr 2 Distrib devient Safyr


You can request a quote online via the website:

Louer Safyr Distrib devient Safyr


Rent your equipment and enjoy access to top-of-the-range products without a major commitment, and enjoy real flexibility.

Find out more about our essential products
for managing your critical environments

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