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ISO 17025 Compliance

ISO 17025 Compliance: A historic commitment...

Since the beginning, HeX has been committed to offering Quality services and has naturally used the ISO 17000 standards as the basis for its management system, including in particular the ISO 17025 standard for testing, sampling and calibration laboratories.


...Which continues

As announced, HeX continues to strive to maintain high quality services and carry on ensuring compliance with the requirements of the 17025 and 17020 standards.

HeX is pursuing:
– its goal to guarantee rigour in the support it offers its clients, to provide them with reliable, robust results
– its willingness to improve according to clients’ actual needs.

Compliance ISO 17025 17020

As a result of this announcement, HeX has made a commitment to, among other things:

Maintain its Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 17020

Replace the audits under BELAC’s remit with a series of external audits by independent experts.

Today, the whole team is proud to announce that our ISO 17025 compliance has been confirmed by a third party.

In May 2021, a team of 3 independent auditors with recognised expertise in our activities carried out a comprehensive audit of our HeX management system and the implementation of the requirements of the 17025 standard with the following scope: HeX Group compliance with the ISO 17025 scope

The compliance audit report is available on request:

In June 2020, HeX also committed to:
– Further strengthening its relationships with clients and partners by organising regular visits and/or audits at HeX to assess our quality management system.
– Fulfilling the GMP requirements of our biotech & pharma clients/partners.
In 2020, with the construction of its high-tech laboratory, HeX accelerated the process of meeting the pharmaceutical industry’s GMP/BPF standards. At the beginning of 2021 HeX knuckled down to the work involved in meeting euGMP requirements, welcomed an FAMHP inspection in June, and was officially recognised for its compliance with GMP in October.


carried out for different areas of business in 2021


HeX was officially recognised for its compliance with GMP-BPF on 8 October 2021

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