HeX Exothera Univercells Partnership

All the HeX Group teams came together to support our client with this challenge

- Support for the documentation system, Risk Assessment, SOP

- IOQ and PQ qualifications for

  • utilities (water loops, compressed air, gas etc.)
  • HVAC (filtration, air speed and flow rates)
  • equipment (thermal mapping, humidity, VHP H2O2)
  • probes and sensors (calibration)classified environments (particulate categories and microbiological controls)
  • transporting critical samples (controlled and monitored)
  • @HeX QC Lab activities (enumeration, molecular identification of pure strains of microbial ecology, evaluation of the effectiveness of biocides and disinfection methods, sterility tests, bioburden, endotoxins etc.).

More than just a customer-supplier relationship, HeX and EXOTHERA/UNIVERCELLS are building a genuine partnership with the aim of creating a winning synergy.

Partenariat HeX / Exothera / Univercells