All the HeX Group teams came together to support our client with this challenge

- Support for the documentation system, Risk Assessment, SOP

- IOQ and PQ qualifications for

utilities (water loops, compressed air, gas etc.)
HVAC (filtration, air speed and flow rates)
equipment (thermal mapping, humidity, VHP H2O2)
probes and sensors (calibration)
classified environments (particulate categories and microbiological controls)transporting critical samples (controlled and monitored)
@HeX QC Lab activities (enumeration, molecular identification of pure strains of microbial ecology, evaluation of the effectiveness of biocides and disinfection methods, sterility tests, bioburden, endotoxins etc.).

Going far beyond a traditional client-supplier relationship, HeX and EXOTHERA/UNIVERCELLS are building a real partnership with a view to creating a win-win synergy

Partenariat HeX / Exothera / Univercells