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Monitoring work

Do you have a period of work that needs to be monitored? HeX and its partners are here to help

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HeX Testing

HeX Group will help you implement your work monitoring plan

Definition of the level of particulate concentration before work begins.
Drafting or help preparing documents.
Specification of sensor positioning.

Safyr HeX Group

Installation of the Safyr OPC

The SAFYR® team installs Safyr OPC particle counters at the client’s site according to the defined locations.

Surveillance travaux Hex Groupe

Ongoing supervision

Real-time acquisition of particle concentration data
Ongoing monitoring of Safyr OPC particle counters
Displayed in the form of a graph
Setting thresholds for alerts and actions
Alerts via SMS & email

Chirec puts its trust in HeX for its work monitoring

Epicura entrusts its work monitoring to HeX

Need more information about particle monitoring?

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Acutalité similaire

Acutalité similaire