To protect your staff, patients, clients, rehabilitate premises and environments after COVID-19 or secure your sensitive equipment and devices

HeX Lab, your laboratory expert in critical and controlled environments analysis offers you a combined solution:

  • Supply of a kit of 10 samples (swabs, UN3373 packaging for biological protection, etc.)
  • Genomic detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by RT-PCR according to the basis of the WHO optimized protocol for patient diagnosis (optimization of RNA extraction from the virus, triplicate of the RT-PCR per sample, systematic HeX LAB operator control to avoid false positives, sensitivity threshold of the method adapted to low viral loads, etc.


  • UN3373 compliant packaging
  • Transport go to the referent person
  • Return transport voucher from your institution to the HeX Lab
    Kit use instruction sheet
  • Traceability sheet of your samples
  • An Icepack for a positive cold expedition
  • Real-time information in the event of a positive sample to the referring person
  • Test report on our secure server

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Priority will be given to health professionals and authorities