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Temperature calibration

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Why calibrate in T°C?

Why choose HeX?


Measurement of the complete measurement chain
HeX comes to your premises to carry out the calibration and therefore guarantees the calibration of your complete measurement chain. This limits the risk of errors in the connections and wiring of your monitoring system.


Reliability of measurements
Thanks to its intermediate checks in melting ice, HeX guarantees a reliable and quality result for each calibration performed


Guaranteed competent staff
Through its comprehensive training, supervision and qualification process, HeX ensures that its operators have all the necessary authorizations and skills to apply the temperature calibration procedure and work in ultra-clean environments.


Speed of results
Thanks to enhanced automation, the raw data is directly integrated into the report by the operator during the intervention


Guarantee of reliable and secure results
The final report is delivered in electronic form on our secure platform. With your personal code, you can easily access it after your report has gone through a strict review and approval process.


Flexibility of audit location
If it is easier for you, we can also carry out this service in our laboratory in Gosselies.


Wide measurement range
Thanks to its wide measuring range from -196°C to 1205°C, HeX is able to calibrate all the temperature sensors in your fleet in a single operation


High quality of resources
The equipment used in the calibration is top of the range and well known in the field with brands such as Burns, Fluke & Ametek

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Tip n°1

The choice of your Maximum Tolerated Errors (MTE) of your sensors must be determined according to the temperatures of use and adapted if necessary

Tip n°2

If you are lucky enough to be involved in the design of a new zone, don’t take the “calibration” parameter lightly. Installing quality sensors with sufficient cable length to make them accessible will save you time, and therefore money, when it comes to annual sensor calibration.

Tip n°3

Measuring the temperature in your equipment is important, but so is the location of that sensor in your equipment! It is therefore essential to carry out a mapping exercise to determine the ideal and critical location for managing your alarms.

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