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Autoclave qualification

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Why choose HeX?


Wide range of measurements
Thanks to their internal memory and small size, we can place them in the real conditions of use (inside containers, in bags, mops, etc.) without having to deal with unnecessary cables or wires.


Flexibility of intervention
Qualification can be carried out "on load". This means that you can qualify your equipment without interrupting your normal use.


Limited intervention time
With more than 150 high-performance sensors, HeX is able to qualify more than 8 autoclaves simultaneously according to normative requirements.


Guarantee of reliable and secure
The final report is delivered in electronic form on our secure platform. With your personal code, you can easily access it after your report has gone through a strict review and approval process.


Carried out according to the requirements of ISO17025
Measuring equipment connected to the international system of units and through annual calibration by an ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory


Guaranteed competent staff
Through its comprehensive training, supervision and qualification process, HeX ensures that its operators have all the necessary authorizations and skills to apply the mapping procedure.


Easier use of the results
Our reports provide all the necessary and normative information to make the most of the qualification of the autoclave, including: holding time and temperature or lethal value of the cycles (F0) (also the equilibration time, pressure value, steam quality, etc.)

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Tip n°1

As the packaging has an influence on the penetration and quality of water vapour and therefore on sterilization, it is important to qualify your equipment each time you change the packaging

Tip n°2

By calibrating your autoclave’s temperature sensor before qualifying the sterilization cycles, you greatly reduce the risk, and therefore the cost, of non-compliant sterilization cycles.

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