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HeX+safyr. at ContaminExpo in Paris

Three crazy days for our HeX+safyr. experts at ContaminExpo in Paris!

The 17th ContaminExpo trade show in Paris, a must-attend event in the field of contamination control, lived up to all its promises. All the major players in the field of contamination control were present under one roof. HeX + safyr. was able to demonstrate its expertise and innovations in the cleanroom sector to the many visitors present over the three days.

Many visitors to ContaminExpo wanted to find out more about our safyr OPC.
Le stand HeX au salon ContaminExpo
The HeX+safyr stand was a big hit with visitors to the show.

At the futuristic Hex+safyr stand, our experts were able to discuss the various solutions on offer. The vast majority of visitors were surprised to see that safyr was able to meet the need for distribution of both innovative products and connected objects.

The public was able to discover our safyr OPC, the latest development created by safyr. This little box, barely 15 centimetres high, has all the makings of a big one. Compact, it can be installed in any room. Its ergonomics and materials are also Class A and D compatible.

What’s more, with a flow rate of 2.83L/min, the safyr OPC can detect particles from 0.5 to 2.5µm. This little jewel of latest-generation technology is a concentrate of performance adapted to the demands of cleanrooms. The case is also equipped with a high-precision miniature optical reader. It is capable of transmitting the data collected in real time.

To make the solution even more complete, the safyr OPC is supported by Lyra software. Our data acquisition and supervision system is useful for a better Contamination Control Strategy (CCS).

To put it simply, safyr OPC is directly connected to its Lyra software. Lyra collects all cleanroom data, not just particles.

Safyr OPC, a tool adapted to the demands of cleanrooms
An intuitive, democratic solution

In addition, other Lyra system data include microbiology, temperature, pressure, … All the parameters needed to control a cleanroom.

While particle measurement is usually reserved for drug control, HeX+safyr has decided to break the codes. Safyr OPC is a tool that can be used in all fields. Even in fields where it wasn’t previously available. With the advantage of being both democratic and intuitive.

Our contacts at the show realized that our safyr OPC, coupled with our Lyra software, had all the makings of a great tool. Its ease of use makes it the only particle counter of its kind on the cleanroom market.

These arguments struck a chord with the jury of the Prix de l’Innovation 2023 held at ContaminExpo in Paris last March.

Composed of renowned experts in the scientific and cleanroom sectors, the jury rewarded Hex+safyr. and its safyr OPC with the Innovation Award in the “operating equipment” category.

A morale-boosting recognition that implies the community has recognized the innovative nature of the Safyr OPC.

The safyr OPC was congratulated by the jury at ContaminExpo,

In conclusion, we can only be satisfied with this 2023 edition of ContaminExpo, and we’d like to thank all the show organizers and visitors for a rich three days:

Thanks to the interaction with visitors and potential customers, who were won over by our solution and wanted to find out more from our experts on site.

Emotional for our teams, since the Innovation Prize jury decided to award our safyr OPC particle counter in the “operating equipment” category.

In positivity, with constructive feedback on our activities and on our company, which has become a key player in contamination control.

For all this, we say “Thank you” and above all…

“See you in two years, same day, same time…”.

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