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Equipment mapping

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Why map ?

Why choose HeX?


Wide range of measurements
Whether your equipment is a nitrogen tank, a freezer, an incubator or an industrial oven, we have all the necessary performance equipment to make reliable measurements from -196°C to 1205°C


Flexibility and small size
Our sensors have high accuracy and low uncertainties. Thanks to their internal memory and small size, mapping can be carried out without disrupting the use of your equipment. We can also use radio technology to analyse the results in real time


Limited intervention time
With more than 300 sensors, HeX is able to perform a mapping according to the normative requirements of more than 30 equipments simultaneously


Guarantee of reliable and secure results
The final report is delivered in electronic form on our secure platform. With your personal code, you can easily access it after your report has gone through a strict review and approval process.


Carried out according to the requirements of ISO17025
Measuring equipment connected to the international system of units and through annual calibration by an ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory


Guaranteed competent staff
Through its comprehensive training, supervision and qualification process, HeX ensures that its operators have all the necessary authorizations and skills to apply the mapping procedure.


Speed of results
Thanks to enhanced automation, the raw data is directly integrated into the report by the operator during the intervention

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Tip n°1

During the initial acceptance and qualification of your equipment, the importance of special tests such as door opening or power failure tests should not be overlooked. This will allow you to frame and define your processes. In addition, if you remember to define this in your URS and requirements to be guaranteed by the supplier, this will enable you to invoke your supplier guarantee in the event of a deviation

Tip n°2

By performing the appropriate calculations, you can avoid systematically moving your EMS probe location to the critical point. This will save you considerable implementation time following your mapping. However, do not forget to have your temperature sensor calibrated to ensure its accuracy and to guarantee reliable measurement traceability.

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