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CO₂ measurement

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Why measure CO₂ ?

Why choose HeX?


Accurate measurements without disturbing the sample environment
With a pump built into the CO2 sensor, the puncture technology for sampling the air inside your equipment allows HeX to make an accurate CO2 measurement without moving samples or disturbing the controlled atmosphere of your equipment


Reliability of measurements
Thanks to its intermediate checks using its ISO17025 CO2 reference cylinders, HeX guarantees a reliable and quality result for each test performed


Guaranteed competent staff
Through its comprehensive training, supervision and qualification process, HeX ensures that its operators have all the necessary authorisations and skills to apply the CO2 measurement procedures and work in ultra-clean environments.


Speed of results
Thanks to enhanced automation, the raw data is directly integrated into the report by the operator during the intervention


Guarantee of reliable and secure results
The final report is delivered in electronic form on our secure platform. With your personal code, you can easily access it after your report has gone through a strict review and approval process.


Carried out according to the requirements of ISO17025
Measuring instrument connected to the international system of units and calibrated annually by an ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory


Flexibility of audit location
If it is easier for you, we can also carry out this service in our laboratory in Gosselies.


Optimization of the intervention
When we carry out the sensor check, we can check it against your EMS and make an adjustment if necessary. This adjustment can also be done on your equipment so that the value displayed to your operators is adjusted as close as possible to the target value

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Tip n°1

Avoid placing your temperature sensor against your CO2 sensor because, due to self-heating, some CO2 sensors may bias the measured temperature value of your equipment.

Tip n°2

If the relative humidity is critical in your equipment (cf. IVF/PMA), you must ensure that the container is never dry so as not to influence the dilution of CO2 in the environment and thus bias the measurement result

Tip n°3

Despite its importance, CO2 is not the only critical parameter to consider in your equipment. Mapping and temperature measurements are also parameters to be checked and verified

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