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Our mike’s year in review

Our international Mike has given us some great moments this year with his various races! Here’s a recap of his performances in 2022 :

A personal best beaten at the Belgian 10,000 m championship.

Récap de l'année de notre mike
Récap de l'année de notre mike
Récap de l'année de notre mike

2022 was :

  • 15 jogging events rewarded either scratch or in age categories
  • Three 70.3 events in Lanzarote, Finland and Aix-en-Provence. The 70.3 is 19 miles of swimming, 90 miles of cycling and 21.1 miles of running. Suffice to say, there’s never a dull moment!
  • The 70.3 World Championship in the USA
  • Trans Grand Canaria Trail
Récap de l'année de notre mike

Facts and figures:

During his various races, Mike ran 1300km, cycled 4500km and swam 180km. Who does it better?

As the year draws to a close, a number of bullfights are planned (no, not for mulled wine 🙂 ), as well as the start of specific preparation for the marathon!

On the programme for 2023:

Seville Marathon
70.3 Jesolo in Italy
Nice Ironman
Diagonale des fous
Multiple trails

Numerous physical and psychological objectives where surpassing oneself is the key word!

So see you next year, for another recap of our mike’s year 🙂

Récap de l'année de notre mike

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Acutalité similaire

Acutalité similaire