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HeX & hospital pharmacies

ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-3, ISO 14698, PIC/S 010-4, GMP


HeX is the 1st testing laboratory according ISO 17025 and the first inspection body according ISO 17020 accredited by BELAC in the field of cleanrooms.

HeX guides you with qualifications and monitoring of your installations and equipment:

  • Preparation areas for parenteral nutrition
  • Cytotoxic preparation areas (A in B or A in D environments)
  • Laminar flow units, microbiological safety cabinets, isolators, robots, …

We perform numerous tests and inspections under accreditation:

  • Particle counts at rest / operational
  • Microbiological sampling – active air sampling, settle plates, surfaces and glove prints
  • Integrity testing of HEPA filters
  • Airflow measurements

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Acutalité similaire