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Comprehensive Solution

HeX meets all of its clients’ needs, both:

Internally, thanks to its broad range of skills

  • Tests, auditing, measurements
  • Microbiological control, decontamination and disinfection
  • Replacement and supply of an incredibly efficient E10 to U17 filtration system in hospital and laboratory environments as well as for use with equipment
  • Consultancy and training
  • Video inspections of ventilation networks using a motorised robot

In partnership, because we don’t claim to be able to everything with the same level of requirements, so it is clearly better for us to seek out other companies who share our commitment to quality. This is why we are very open about the fact that we work with partners who have been picked for their expertise and their professionalism for:

  • Microbiological analyses resulting from our samples (accredited)
  • Mapping climate and thermostatic chambers (accredited)
  • Introducing environmental monitoring solutions (particle, microbiological etc.)
  • Supplying measuring instruments
  • Sanitising air networks.

Acutalité similaire

Acutalité similaire

Acutalité similaire