What is a Community / Barrier mask?

This type of mask is intended to complement the barrier gestures and the rules of social distancing. It is intended for the general public and in particular for any healthy or asymptomatic person. This device is neither a medical device within the meaning of Regulation EU/2017/745, nor a personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU/2016/425.

What type of performance requirements does this Community or Barrier mask meet?

Several standards specify the parameters and performance criteria for verifying the quality of Community or Barrier masks.

HeX uses and is based on the following 3 documents: France : AFNOR SPEC S76-001 Belgium: NBN_DTD_S_65-001_2020 EU : CWA17553_2020

The main parameters that the texts require to be verified in the testing laboratory are the following :

  1. Visual inspection (packaging, overall quality, packaging inscription, …)
  2. Flange set strength test
  3. Penetration test of the monolayer or multilayer composite
  4. Breathability test (differential pressure)

Are there different performance levels between the Community / Barrier masks?

Only the French AFNOR SPEC S76 document distinguishes two levels of performance:

– 70% filtering capacity corresponding to UNS2 (Non Sanitary Use 2) – 90% filtering capacity corresponding to UNS1 (Non Sanitary Use 1) For the Belgian and European standards, the level of filtering capacity must be at least 70%.

Does HeX perform the 4 types of tests presented above?

Yes, HeX performs all of the above tests

How to check the resistance of the masks after the maintenance cycles ?

The standards specify the conditions of maintenance, particularly washing and drying. HeX performs the washing and drying cycles in order to measure the behavior of the masks according to the number of cycles.

How can I, as a customer, use the results of these tests?

HeX Group provides you with logos allowing you to value and recognize the conformity to the expected requirements.

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Report : RTBF visited the HeX Group laboratory in Gosselies to find out about the effectiveness of community masks, barrier masks or so-called general public masks.

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